President Bola Ahmed Tinubu led Federal Government has been urged to tackle the insecurity menace bedeviling the nation before it consumes the country.

HRM King Monday Arthur Obukohwo, the Paramount Ruler of Idjerhe Kingdom in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State has called on the Federal Government to address as a matter of urgency the insecurity and economic downturn of the nation, which is having an adverse effect on the masses.

The revered Monarch tasks the President to compel all oil multinationals operating in the Niger Delta to relocate to the region without delay.

According to him, “Insecurity is already assuming a dangerous dimension that royal fathers have been adopted and murdered. We have now left the stage of bandit going to harass people, kill people in their farmland to royal fathers driving in federal government highways and then adopted by bandits.

“I’m strongly believing that they are doing this to provoke national chaos, to provoke national reactions, to provoke ethnic reactions. Because you can wake up and they invade a region of this country and senselessly begin to kill the array of others.

“The Royal institutions all over the world is a sacred institution. So I strongly believe that it’s time for government to attack insecurity, before insecurity consumed the entire nation. For instance, there is hardly any forest in the country today that you will not find foreign elements.

“You call them foreign elements because the few that have been arrested, from their English and everything about them you know that these are no Nigerians. We cannot continue to keep quiet where people that are strangers come to desecrate our royal institution, desecrate farmland, maim and kill our people without challenge.

“Take the case of Uwheru today where a lot of people are now staying indoors. They cannot assess their farmland because some individuals have taken over their farmland. The place is becoming a no man’s land, a no go area that three police officers who were on rescue mission were themselves kidnapped.

“So I’m using this medium to call on the federal government to act urgently to convoke a very serious security conference where this issue will be put on the front burner because it will be suicidal for us to keep quiet and overwhelm us.

“ The hardship in the land has no respect for tribe, has no respect for colour, has no respect for religion. Traditional rulers are also hungry, but that is not to say that that of traditional rulers will be as harsh as that of a lesser privilege.

“I want to strongly advise that the earlier the government of the day, wake up to his corporate social responsibility to his people for food sustainability. The government need to holistically look at the possibility of cleaning our farmland, so that our people can go back to their farm and government need to have price control for food items.

“Today, you can no longer drive on two cars for a ceremony that is 100 kilometre without spending N200,000 cash. So government has to be proactive because the uprising that is coming now that you see people have started to move from state to state.

“Government should address it now before it goes out of control, government should bring out palliative measures that can alleviate the biting hunger,” he stated.