The Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Dr Zacch Adedeji PhD, has emphasized the need to enhance the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) capacity in order to improve revenue administration processes, particularly at the subnational level.


Dr Adedeji stressed the importance of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of revenue generation at the state and local government levels in order to boost economic growth and development in Nigeria. He emphasized that a strong IGR capacity is essential for sustainable revenue generation and fiscal independence.


“We must work towards strengthening our IGR capacity in order to enhance revenue administration processes and ensure optimal use of resources,” said Dr Adedeji. “By improving our revenue generation mechanisms, we can increase revenue collection, reduce dependency on federal allocations, and support the implementation of development projects at the grassroots level.”


Dr Adedeji called on all stakeholders, including state governments, local governments, and relevant agencies, to collaborate and implement strategies to enhance IGR capacity. He highlighted the need for increased transparency, accountability, and innovation in revenue generation processes.


The FIRS Chairman also emphasized the importance of leveraging technology and data analytics to streamline revenue administration processes and enhance compliance. He urged all stakeholders to embrace digital transformation and adopt best practices in revenue administration to achieve sustainable revenue growth.


Dr Adedeji reiterated FIRS’s commitment to supporting state and local governments in strengthening their IGR capacity and maximizing revenue generation potential. He urged all stakeholders to work together towards building a more efficient and effective revenue administration system that will benefit all Nigerians.